Up close: Prof. Dr Felix Stalder, cultural and media sciences specialist

A culture of digitality

Prof. Dr Felix Stalder is a media theorist with a speciality in digital culture and networking at the Zurich University of the Arts (Zhdk). Amongst other things, he describes how the forms of learning and understanding have evolved through digitalisation. For example, knowledge in the digital age has long since ceased to be the privilege of individual experts; instead, technology can turn any individual into an expert in one or several fields. Consequently, knowledge today is generated from the collective knowledge of individuals through communication. In order to put this expertise to good use, individuals and specialist areas must be networked.  
This is of utmost relevance, not just to colleges or universities. The redistribution of expertise also influences the relationship between employees and managers and requires changing one’s mindset accordingly.

In the above interview on the topic of evolutionary processes in society caused by digitalisation, Prof. Dr Felix Stalder explains how the forms of learning and understanding have changed due to digitalisation.

Prof. Dr Felix Stalder: “Kultur der Digitalität” (A culture of digitality)

A brief presentation of the new book on the “culture of digitality” by Prof. Dr Felix Stalder on the author’s website.

Book review: “Kultur der Digitalität”

A post on the “Netnographie & Digitaler Wandel” blog on netnographics and digital evolution presents a highly readable review of Stalder’s book on the culture of digitality. After an introductory discussion of the meaning of the words “culture” and “digitality”, the poster provides definitions for the three key terms used in the book: “referentiality”, “mutuality”, and “algorithmicity”. In closing, the basic thesis of the book is summarised, and similar thought concepts are being referenced.

Prof. Dr Felix Stalder in an interview with Tagesschau

The Internet culture of free content: “Das Publikum wird Teil der Produktion” (the audience as part of the production). In this interview, Prof. Dr Felix Stalder explains the interconnection between new media, changes in society, and the resulting question about new payment models such as crowdfunding.

Prof. Dr Felix Stalder writing for the Berliner Gazette

The article “Auf der Suche nach neuen Waffen: Überwachung, Commons und die Kultur der Digitalität” on the search for new tools, monitoring, the Commons, and the culture of digitality is based on an interview with Prof. Dr Felix Stalder conducted by the Berliner Gazette’s editorial staff.