Are machines taking over my job?

Two separate online self-assessments deliver a prediction on the likelihood of a machine taking over someone's job in the future.

An analysis by the Institute of Employment Research (IAB) predicts that it will be possible in hardly any profession to fully substitute man with machines. According to an Oxford study, half the jobs in the USA will become obsolete over the coming 20 years.  You can take the following two tests to find out how susceptible your own job will be:

How likely is it that a computer will replace me?” – This question was featured in the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. Based on data collected by the University of Oxford, the user can enter his or her job title. Working with four risk levels, the test taker then finds out how susceptible their job is to being computerised.

Can a robot do my job?” – As part of the “Future of Work” theme week, German broadcaster ARD developed the “Job-Futuromat” service in cooperation with the German Federal Employment Agency and the Institute for Employment Research. The test shows how easily a given job could be automated by comparison with other professions and what the development in employee numbers and average monthly salaries looks like. The level of possible automation can be determined more precisely by customising the job profile. 

The Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) conducted a survey with people in the street. How important is work? What could potential perspectives for the future look like, and what are the repercussions of technological progress?

Impact of digitalisation on the world of work: substitution potentials assessed by gender

A report from the Institute for Employment Research (IAB)