Vocational training and continuing education in the digital world of work

    From trade unions to think tanks to cross-stakeholder platforms: we present different opinions, recommendations, and calls for action with regard to rethinking (and reconsidering) approaches for education and qualifications in the digital world of work.

    Media commentaries: Education & qualification 4.0

    Education, qualification, digitalisation – what are the news media saying? A selection of features will give you a general idea.

    What type of competencies will Industry 4.0 require?

    As part of the "Factory of the Future" project, the MMB Institute conducted a study regarding skill requirements in the digitalised world of work. Managing partner and expert for media and competence research Dr Ulrich Schmid presents the key findings of the study.

    Learning and operating in a digital world

    The 2016 IT summit took place under the motto "Learning and operating in the digital world". Well-known actors from politics, industry, and science contributed valuable input to enrich the discourse on vocational training and continuing professional development within the digital transformation context. HR 4.0 at Airbus is a related topic, as well – this blog will provide insight into the key opinions in this debate.

    Qualification in the Smart Factory

    The developments being advanced by the Industry 4.0 future project in manufacturing enterprises are designed to afford companies a long term competitive advantage on an international stage and thereby strengthen Germany as a location for industry. These developments generate an enormous increase in complexity for machines, systems, and processes on the shopfloor. Consequently, the activities and responsibilities of the employees working on these machines and systems are becoming far more complex, as well.