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Media commentaries: Corporate culture and Work 4.0

Be it daily papers, Twitter posts, or podcasts – we have compiled the most intriguing media features on the topic of the future of work and corporate cultures.

28 April 2017

Industrialisation never comes back

Donald Trump, Martin Schulz, and many others are singing the praises of the common worker. But what happens if the latter’s vitality is no longer needed in times of ever progressing automation? (Article in German)

13 April 2017

Research dossier on the future of work

“Between exploitation and individual fulfilment: how will we be working in the future?” – This was the most burning question on the minds of the SZ readers. To answer it, the newspaper researched the issue and compiled a dossier replete with analyses, interviews, news reports, and videos. (Article in German)


02 March 2016

Industry 4.0 – the networked company

Funding initiatives aim to help the German middle class manage the digitalisation process and make use of new technologies. Many companies are still hesitating, though. There are, after all, still questions about the security of the systems. (Article in German)

21 December 2015

The dangerous hesitancy of German companies to accept digitalisation

Industry representatives are worried that German companies will be left behind by the world leaders concerning the digital revolution. According to industry experts, a defensive mindset, fear of the unknown, and the tendency of delegating digital issues are the causes. (Article in German)

13 March 2015

Modern workspaces: You what? I’m supposed to give up my office?

For the longest time, office work meant walking into a room with white walls in the morning to take a seat in an office chair at a standardised desk and only leave this room for meetings or lunch. These days of grey life are over, though: the work location of the future is not a room but an entire landscape. (Article in German)

13 July 2016

Industry 4.0 – “We can compete with Silicon Valley”

The president of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Reimund Neugebauer talks about the Industrial Data Space, the Internet of the future – and competing against Google et al. (Article in German)

Medienforum: Mitbestimmung & Arbeit 4.0 2
January 2017

New Work: how we will be working in the future

We are currently experiencing a gigantic transformation in the world of working, driven by digitalisation. Inga Höltmann’s podcast gives insight into modern companies and introduces us to inspiring mentors. A series of 10 episodes. (Article in German)

03 March 2017

What does agile working mean?

If you want to be transparent and creative on an equal footing, you are likely to choose an agile methodology. This new way of working places high demands on the team members in terms of responsibility. Two coaches talk about how that can be accomplished – and where the limitations are. (Article in German)

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January 2017

Artificial intelligence – the end of human labour – 2016 documentary

Quarks & Co., a science programme presented by the WDR television channel, published a documentary in 2016 about artificial intelligence and the end of human ways of working. This documentary is still available to watch on YouTube. (Available in German)

January 2017

The “brand eins” audio magazine | Focus: “new work”

Question: why is the government increasingly abandoning the self-employed and favouring employees? Question: why is office work being organised more and more like shop floor work, even though such “lean office” concepts take the fun out of work for more and more people? – Tune into to listen to the “brand eins” podcast. (Available in German)

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01 May 2017

Work of the future

Intelligent robots on the shop floor, smart technology in the office: the world of working is evolving, and digitalisation has reached every nook and cranny. Many things still done by humans today will be taken over by machines tomorrow – they are cheaper, faster, and more effective. If you don’t want to be left behind by this development, you must constantly acquire new skills and adjust to new challenges. And perhaps, we soon won’t even have to go to the office any more: thanks to modern communication technologies, we can work any time anywhere, and fixed workplaces will be a thing of the past. Is the World of Work 4.0 a major risk – or a great opportunity? How will we be working in the future? (Available in German)

January 2017

Featured during the ARD theme week: “Digitalisation is an eternal process of learning”

Manfred Krupp, Director-General of the Hessischer Rundfunk broadcast company, talks about the digitalisation of the media, new viewer behaviours, and the ARD’s theme week on the future of work. (Available in German)

August 2015
Megatrends of the digital work of the future – 25 propositions

Results of a project cooperation between Shareground and the University of St. Gallen during which experts all over the world were surveyed on megatrends of digital work. (Available in German

Medienforum: Arbeit & Unternehmenskultur 4.0
17 March 2017

The future of work: IBM’s Watson at eye level with highly skilled workers

Curators from journalism, science, and politics recommend and comment on the best content found on the Net on the piqd website. Suggested feature: Ole Wintermann remarks on an article about artificial intelligence from Harvard Business Review. (Available in German)