Media review

Media commentaries: Education & qualification 4.0

Education, qualification, digitalisation – what are the news media saying? A selection of features will give you a general idea.

18 January 2017

Companies are not investing enough in professional development

Employees are not all that afraid of being replaced with robots, after all. New studies prove this. They want better professional development, though. And what do the managers have to say about this? (Article in German)

28 June 2016

Where education must become digital

Robots replace people. In the future, that may even be the case outside the factories. Soon, even intellectual work could fall prey to automation. Will we have to reconsider and rethink education, now? (Article in German)

11 Sept. 2016


Work 4.0

The world of work is changing at an ever-faster pace; the government should invest in qualification instead of cutting back funding for it. (Article in German)


10 March 2017

Is this the future?

If you know how to do programming, companies will be courting you like never before. Does that mean that everyone has to be able to code? Find out what’s truly in demand. (Article in German)


09 April 2017


Calming the fears of digitalisation

Siemens Chief Human Resources Officer Janina Kugel does not see the application of robots as a threat to jobs in industrialised countries. Opportunities for unskilled workers would decline. The number of skilled workers would more likely increase, though, she said in this week’s interview on Deutschlandfunk radio. Digitalisation as an industrial revolution must be explained to allow everyone to understand it. (Article in German)


30 April 2015


Work 4.0 needs education 4.0

Digital Darwinism requires a true education revolution. Human beings increasingly compete with artificial intelligence systems for jobs and work activities. Education and social competencies will decide how this “race against the machine” will end. (Article in German)

July 2016

Five transitions to Work and education 4.0

Many media reports keep telling us on a daily basis that education has to change radically. Just how comprehensive the implementation of this process would have to be, however, only a handful of people really understand. (Article in German)