Media review

Media commentaries: leadership & mindset 4.0

A selection of press commentaries on leadership and hierarchies in the modern world of work

02 March 2017

Listen up, boss!

In a three-part article series, the German weekly newspaper “DIE ZEIT” searches for a “new breed” of managers and asks what good leadership is really all about. The first article of the three-part series “Listen up, boss!” explores new organisational models such as Holacracy and looks at companies applying new leadership models.

10 May 2017

Projects undermine hierarchies

As a defining feature of the new digital world, collaboration – among and within companies – is also changing corporate structures.


12 October 2016

Saying goodbye to hierarchies

Changing manufacturing processes also mean that learning, vocational training, and leadership styles change, with the latter likely to become more team-oriented.

23 June 2016

“Work 4.0” – poor leadership

A study commissioned by Microsoft that interviewed 1,000 employees revealed significant shortcomings in corporate leadership culture, notably with respect to the requirements of increasingly agile structures based on the digitalisation of work processes.

July 2016

When circles think and lead

Which form of organisation is appropriate for the knowledge society? The software company Netcentric is giving holacracy a try.

06 April 2017

“A rigid hierarchy means having no influence”

Many scientists and people with practical experience endorse flat corporate hierarchies. Studies confirm that the lack of participation in decision-making processes are a cause of stress and sickness among employees. From an economic perspective, too, collaborative models may prove more agile when it comes to reacting to a fast-changing business environment.

30 March 2017


New perspectives for the digital society

Discussions about social transformation processes often fail to address the question of whether organisations and managers are fit for the future. The Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy has set out to remedy this shortcoming by combining its own concepts with corporate projects.

03 November 2016

Work without managers – a model for the future?

There has definitely been a trend towards flat hierarchies for years, but is it possible to run a company with no managers at all? The company “Traumferienwohnungen” (dream holiday homes) has been testing this concept for a year now.


Alpha leaders

Managers are a shy species. ARTE was lying in wait and observed them in various habitats, from a family-owned chemical company to global player Allianz. Looking at how energy giant RWE transforms itself into a green company or how software producer Haufe-umantis gives its employees a say in all of its decision-making processes, it becomes clear that the “top down” concept is becoming obsolete.