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Every day, we are confronted with complex concepts related to Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence, with a whole range of buzzwords and new terms to go with it. High time to obtain some background knowledge and detailed insight into these various topics. Enjoy exploring our selection of tried and tested online courses and libraries!

MOOC on Industry 4.0 offered by acatech and the Hasso Plattner Institute

MOOC: Hands-on Industry 4.0

In a five-week online course organised jointly by the German National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech) and the Hasso Plattner Institute, senior representatives from science and industry provide answers to key questions around Industry 4.0. The online course, which was launched in April 2016, explores the concept of Industry 4.0 as well as the social and economic impact of digital networking.

Hands-on Industry 4.0: Prof. Dr Meinel (Director of the Hasso Plattner Institute) and Prof. Dr Kagermann (President of acatech)

Course curriculum

Week 1: The Industry 4.0 vision
Week 2: The technological basis of Industry 4.0
Week 3: How the worlds of work, vocational training, and continuing education are changing
Week 4: Security
Week 5: Roll-out in the company

MOOC on machine learning offered by acatech and the DFKI

MOOC: Machine learning

In a new three-week online course organised by the German National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech) and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), scientists, developers, business representatives, and users provide detailed background knowledge on machine learning. A total of 38 videos allow participants to gain an overview of the complex topic, which is divided into methods, tools, and fields of application. Specific sample applications from various industries (health technology, finance, automotive) deliver practical insight into the world of machine learning.

Machine learning – Prof. Dr Wahlster (Director of the DFKI) and Prof. Dr Kagermann (President of acatech)

Course curriculum

Week 1: Methods
Week 2: Tools
Week 3: Fields of application
Available from the start of the course: Sample applications
Ethical and legal aspects

In cooperation with the Institute of Organisation and Management of Steinbeis University, Bitkom Akademie offers a data scientist training course consisting of five modules with two days of classroom training each. Digital transformation relies on the analysis and processing of large data volumes. The course covers the fundamentals of successful big data management, reflecting a typical cycle of data science projects: from professionally managing data to creating predictive analyses and making results usable.

The five training modules (each with 2 days of classroom training):

  1. The data scientist – a job with a future: profile, applications, and potentials
  2. Data storage & data governance: analysis and management, database, data access and administration
  3. Corporate data acquisition and integration: advanced data engineering, data flows, IT architectures, data exploration
  4. Data science algorithms – analyses & results: analytical techniques, statistical methods, and predictive analyses
  5. Generating business value and outcome: visualisation and communication of analysis results

Plattform Industrie 4.0 (Platform Industry 4.0) – online library

Online library on Industry 4.0

The online library of Plattform Industrie 4.0 features a variety of information on Industry 4.0, ranging from working group results to strategy papers published by the German federal government to studies of partnering organisations.