What it takes to enable good work

    Trade unions, policy makers, and ministries are discussing the risks and opportunities of a digitalised world of work. But what does it really mean for employees and the future of work? A brief introduction.

    Talks focussing on the topic of Work 4.0

    The TED (short for "Technology, Entertainment, Design") organisation, which originally started out as an annual non-profit innovation symposium in California, has become a household name all over the world, predominantly due to the so-called "TED Talks". Below, we have compiled a selection of talks focussing on the topic of the "Future of Work".

    Hothouses of digitalisation

    Digital transformation is currently one of the greatest challenges for businesses. So-called "Digital Labs" are considered the key element on the path to achieving digitalisation. What are the requirements for Digital Labs in businesses in this context? Can Digital Labs fulfil these expectations?

    A culture of digitality

    Digital transformation – to cultural and media sciences specialist Prof. Dr Felix Stalder, that is the nucleus of his scientific activities. His work focuses on the scientific assessment of the interdependent relationship between digitalisation and society.

    What type of competencies will Industry 4.0 require?

    As part of the "Factory of the Future" project, the MMB Institute conducted a study regarding skill requirements in the digitalised world of work. Managing partner and expert for media and competence research Dr Ulrich Schmid presents the key findings of the study.

    Opinions on Industry 4.0 from IG Metall

    As part of the “Factory of the Future” project, key social partner IG Metall plays a vital role in helping to shape and integrate sustainable technology and workplace designs. This process involves various questions regarding employment relationships, the protection of employees, and co-determination. Read on to find out about IG Metall's approaches, projects, and opinions on Industry 4.0.

    Learning and operating in a digital world

    The 2016 IT summit took place under the motto "Learning and operating in the digital world". Well-known actors from politics, industry, and science contributed valuable input to enrich the discourse on vocational training and continuing professional development within the digital transformation context. HR 4.0 at Airbus is a related topic, as well – this blog will provide insight into the key opinions in this debate.

    Corporate Digital Responsibility

    The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) emerged as early as the 1960s, when companies began to pay more and more attention to their stakeholders and the consequences of their actions for society. This idea is what forms the foundation for the novel Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) concept, which has become a necessity as digitalisation of the world of work is progressing.