A look at topics featured in the TED Talk series: technology, innovation, design

Talks focussing on the topic of Work 4.0

The TED (short for "Technology, Entertainment, Design") organisation, which originally started out as an annual non-profit innovation symposium in California, has become a household name all over the world, predominantly due to the so-called "TED Talks". Below, we have compiled a selection of talks focussing on the topic of the "Future of Work".

Our future with artificial intelligence | Damian Borth from DFKI | TEDxStuttgart

Damian Borth, head of the “Deep Learning” competence centre of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, shows us that artificial intelligence has long since become part of our daily lives. (Talk given on 14 Nov 2016)

Industry 4.0: good morning, work! | Michaela Ernst | TEDxGraz

Industry 4.0 – What does this new world look like if not just managers, futurologists, and scientists are given the floor for a change, but also those people who are most severely affected by the changes: the workforce members themselves?  (Talk given on 09 Jan 2017)